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James Eichenberger

Owner & Operator

Hello. I'm James Eichenberger, the owner and operator of Swell-Sites. I started this company in 2008 after working for FindLaw and Thomson Reuters since 2001. In my time at FindLaw, I learned a lot about what lawyers needed from their website. Unfortunately, I also learned that FindLaw wasn't very good at providing what most lawyers need. I build Swell-Sites to service law firms who needed a quality website, but weren't willing to throw away hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month to buy one. While I'm by no means a beginner, I still build the websites myself, and I still am learning new design and SEO techniques every day. I have extensive experience helping law firms build effective and affordable websites, and I'd love to have the opportunity to help you too.

Family and Puppies and Stuff.

I live with my wife and two children in St. Paul. I do not have any puppies, but I do have six chickens, which is a new and fun and also fairly confusing venture in my life. I enjoy all sorts of things...probably a lot of the same things you enjoy, like going out to dinner and paddle boarding and stuff like that. Are you seriously still reading this?

A Simple Promise

I think the most important thing that a potential client could know about me is that I really care about my work and the results it generates. I know that the money you spend with me is money that could be spent with hundreds of other marketing companies, or could be taken home as income, and I take that seriously. I am not going to recomend a marketing package and budget that is half of your operating income and then tell you "one case will pay for the whole thing". I can't promise you'll make money off of your marketing efforts, but I can promise that I will take the time to be open and honest about what we can and probably shouldn't expect based on your location, practice area and budget.

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If you have questions about building a new website, transitioning away from FindLaw or driving more traffic to your law firm website, I can help. Call 651 271 8845 or you can send a text message if you're on a phone. You can also click here to send me an email.