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Effective Law Firm Websites

how much does a FindLaw website cost?

Four Key Factors that Make a Law Firm Website Work

…and how to use them to keep a consistant presence after moving away from FindLaw

A great design

It’s not difficult to understand why design matters. A nice looking website can go a long way to make a good first impression for your law firm and project a professional, trustworthy image. You’ve probably seen websites that are either difficult to use, or just don’t reflect a professional image. Your design does not have to have a lot of bells and whistles (but we certainly have that option), it just needs to function correctly and make it easy for your potential client to access information, and take the next step.

If you are moving away from FindLaw, I can design you a replacement site or there are also cases where we can re-use your design. More often than not, I end up creating what my clients tell me is a better version of the site that FindLaw designed.

Content that Converts

Your content has two main functions; to attract search engine visitors, and to keep those visitors moving through their information gathering and hiring process. I think that the best content gives your potential client some very light, overview type of information with some options to dig deeper, but focuses on how to take the next step.

For example, you may have a page, or several pages that cover specific elements of your area(s) of law. That is typically a good practice as it can draw a wide variety of searches. However, you also need to think about what your main message is, that ensure that it is consistently referred to throughout your content.

If you are moving away from FindLaw, you can take the main content (that either you provided, or was written based on your content interview)

Search Engine Visibility

For some law firms, search engine visibility simply means being easily found when your firm name, or the names of individual lawyers at your firm are searched. There are still locations where certain practice areas can still achieve very meaningful placement on the search engines. However, if you are trying to show up for “Miami Injury Lawyer” or “Los Angeles Divorce” it’s going to be a long and difficult climb. If you have questions about how you currently show up on the search engines, or what would be a reasonable expectation, I am happy to talk to you about your specific situation.

If you are canceling your FindLaw site, you very likely can maintain or even improve your overall search engine placement, especially if you replace some of your FindLaw budget with Google Adwords.

Off-Site Factors

There are a lot of factors on the web that can effect how potential clients perceive your website that are not on your website. A single comment on a review site like Yelp or Avvo can be seen thousands of times a year and have a dramatic impact on whether or not people hire you. Google and Facebook offer star ratings (1 through 5) that can impact how you show up for searches. While I would certainly discourage people from trying to add links to their law firm websites for the express purpose of improving your search engine placement, links pointed to your site can have a positive effect if created and maintained correctly.

If you currently have a linking package from FindLaw there is a chance it’s doing your site much more harm than good.

Questions about Replacing Your FindLaw Website? I Can Help.

If you are approaching the end of your contract and looking for an alternative to your FIndLaw website, I can help you rebuild it and maintain the effectiveness of your website while leaving the high monthly charges behind.