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Remarketing Nuts & Bolts

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What Should I Expect in Terms of Results?

I have one website that averages about 300 visits per month, and they see about 25 to 30 visits a month come back through their remarketing campaign. Another client averages around 650 with 40 to 48 coming back. While those total numbers may not seem that impressive, there are two things to remember: First, These ads are clicked on relatively seldom, but they are seen thousands and thousands of times per month by people who have been to your site. Second, when someone does click (which is the only time you’re charged) you know that person is coming BACK to your site. They know what’s there, and what you’re offering, and they’re coming back; meaning they are far more likely to call or email than your average traffic.

What do I get with Remarketing?

There are two main elements to the remarketing package:

  1. Google Adwords / List & Coding Set Up
    I will need access to your existing Google account, or we can start a new Google account. There is a line of code that needs to be added to all pages on your website. Once that code is in place, a list is started of the people who have visited the site. Once that list reaches 100 people, your ads will start displaying.
  2. Ad Creation
    I will also create JPG images to all 22 of the size specifications of Google Adwords. You may need to be flexible about how your logo is used. For example, we’re going to want to get one horizontal version, and one vertical version. The ads can are set up as an “Ad Group” so you can use these for other purposes as well. I recommend very basic messaging on these ads, and I need you to be fairly flexible about the layout.
    1. 300x250
    2. 336x280
    3. 728x90
    4. 300x600
    5. 320x100
    6. 320x50
    7. 468x60
    8. 234x60
    9. 120x600
    10. 120x240
    11. 160x160
    12. 300x1050
    13. 970x250
    14. 250x250
    15. 200x200
    16. 180x150
    17. 125x125
    18. 240x400
    19. 980x120
    20. 250x360
    21. 930x180
    22. 580x400

To learn more about Google's Ad Sizes Click Here (this links to Google).

To see a few example ads jump to the bottom of the page by clicking here.

Multiple Campaigns

There is an option to do multiple campaigns where you’re targeting individuals based on a page or group of pages. This service is NOT included at the base $750 set-up rate. If you are interested in running multiple campaigns, we can talk about your goals and how to price it.

On-Going Support

The $750 price is for the one-time set up. I will monitor the list for 30 days or until there is 100 people on the list and the campaign is displaying. On-going support or analysis of the campaign is available at an additional cost.

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Example Ads

Here are a few examples of ads I've created. You can see how it's helpful to have some flexibility in your logo if possible.