Questions about a Law Firm Website? Contact Me Today

I am happy to answer any questions you might have through emails or texts. I can’t always answer my phone, but if I miss your call I will get back to you as soon as I can.

A Price & A Plan

If you are currently paying for a FindLaw website, I can take a quick look at your site and give you a quote and an idea of how long it will take. I have worked with people on very tight deadlines. I will do whatever I can to save you from your next FindLaw bill and get you closer to a cost-effective web presence.

Help When You Need It.

Did FindLaw take your site down due to non-payment? I can help. Did you forget to deal with this and put it on the back burner and now you have 3 days to replace the site? I can (probably) help.

One Person… and I’m NOT a salesperson

I promise you if I was good at making people feel uncomfortable and forcing people to buy garbage I would have had a much more successful sales career at FindLaw. If you want to have an honest conversation about what you need in your site, I can do that. I take very few projects that are under $3,000, but if you have a small project that is simple and you need done fast, let’s talk about it.

Specialize in FindLaw Transitions

I built this business on helping people leave FindLaw. I can help you with the details that might feel impossible. I have handled all of these things multiple times:

  • Transferring the Google my business listing after FindLaw set it up.
  • Getting control over the domain name when FindLaw is the original registrant.
  • Preserving your SEO rankings.
  • Determining which (if any) FindLaw listings are worth keeping.