About James

James Eichenberger

Owner & Operator

Hello. I’m James Eichenberger, the owner and operator of Swell-Sites. I started this company in 2008 after working for FindLaw and Thomson Reuters since 2001. In my time at FindLaw, I learned a lot about what lawyers needed from their website. Unfortunately, I also learned that FindLaw wasn’t very good at providing what most lawyers need.

I created Swell-Sites to fill the gap that FindLaw created with a lot of their customers. I help law firms take ownership of their website and get rid of the monthy invoices. Most of my customers save 60% to 80% of their previous website spend in their first year. I also have monthly plans that can help improve the visibility and performance of your website. I am available on an hourly basis as well, so just because you aren’t paying monthly for your website, it doesn’t mean you’re completely on your own should you need updates or run into a problem.

A Simple Promise

I think the most important thing that a potential client could know about me is that I genuinely care about my work and the results it generates. I know that the money you spend with me is money that could be spent with hundreds of other marketing companies, or could be taken home as income, and I take that seriously. I am not going to recomend a marketing package and budget that is half of your operating income and then tell you “one case will pay for the whole thing”. I can’t promise you’ll make money off of your marketing efforts, but I can promise that I will take the time to be open and honest about what we can expect based on your location, practice area and budget.

Contact Me Today

If you have questions about building a new website, transitioning away from FindLaw or driving more traffic to your law firm website, I can help. Call 651 271 8845 or you can send a text message if you’re on a phone. You can also click here to send me an email.