“He knows how to cut through the chase and get results”

Swell-Sites is amazing!!! I worked with James to revamp my website after having wasted a ton of money with Findlaw for several years in a failing SEO program. James knows the ins and outs of SEO and makes insightful recommendations based on your needs. He knows how to cut through the chase and get results. He is current of all the changes and formulas that the top search engines use to track websites and is proactive in adapting your site to fit the latest standards. He also is able to make suggestions as to how you can improve your own site with simple timeless techniques. I learned the hard way that using these large legal website development companies was akin to throwing my money in the trash. Hire someone who knows what they are doing and doesn’t try to use the “one size fits all model.” James and Swell-Sites are the best in the business. It took me years to find a web designer and SEO expert that I trust, but I am truly 100% satisfied with Swell-Sites.

– Megan F. DiTolla
West Cost Disability