Website Pricing for Law Firms

Monthly Service or One-Time Build Packages Available to Replace Your FindLaw Website

My goal is to make a website package that is the right fit for your law firm’s goals.  Some law firms just need a website, others want a constantly expanding marketing plan.  You shouldn’t have to pay for the big complicated on-going service plan if all you need is the website product. 

Your Law Firm Website – The Product

The website itself is a product.  You pay for it once, and then you own it forever.  You will need to keep on paying a company like GoDaddy, Bluehost or Hostinger about $150 a year for the hosting and domain name.  The website cost is typically between $3,000 and $5,500 depending on the size of your site and complexity of your design.  Here is what you can expect for that price:

A custom version of your existing (or improved) design

    • All content and SEO coding brought over
    • Continuity of whatever search engine placement FindLaw was able to achieve for you
    • Full ownership of your website design and content
    • Set up for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
    • The ability to keep your website up and running for about $150 per year
    • The ability to hire me hourly to take care of any changes in the future
    • Transferring domain from FindLaw into an account in your name (if needed)
    • Gaining ownership of your Google Business Local Listing (if needed)

If you have made less than three updates to your website in the past year the website this is everything you will need to simply keep your site up and running.

Your Law Firm Marketing Plan – The Service

FindLaw’s “Service” – What you have been paying for from FindLaw included some level of “service”.  Unfortunately, FindLaw’s services are typically not proactive, meaning you would have to understand what you are eligible for and remember to ask and follow up to ensure you receive it.  That’s not really most people’s idea of ideal “service”.  If you are paying for an on-going service, you should either be receiving amazing results or updates on actual things that are being done to achieve amazing results. 

My Service Packages – What I aim to do first is simply understand your goals.  I do not have a silver, gold and platinum package to choose from, and I’m not going to tell you that “one case will pay for all of this”.  We talk about what law firms are doing to attract business and what will work to help achieve your law firm’s goals.  Then we create a package with either monthly or quarterly deliverables that work toward achieving those goals.  Some of the elements included in monthly packages include:

    • Google Advertising
        • Display Ads on the Google Network
        • Keyword Ads on Google Search

    • Re-working landing pages
        • Focus on Conversion, Making the 1st Step Easy
        • Show specific focus instead of general pages

    • Additional pages
    • Social Media (I really believe less is more here, but it can be a valuable source of links)

How Do I Determine What Service Package is Right for my Law Firm?

We can start with what FindLaw was doing for you, or we can just discuss how other firms are attracting new clients.  We will talk about a budget and what to expect in terms of both what we’ll be doing to the website, and how we hope that will drive new business.