ways to build a website

Ways to Build a Website

Understanding What You Are Receiving From Your Website Provider

Whether you are looking to start a new website, or are looking to break away from a website from Lawyers.com, Scorpion or FindLaw that you are paying monthly for, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting when you “buy a website”.

While there are, of course, a million different ways to actually build a website, my goal here is to explain the options you have with Swell-Sites to either create a new law firm website, or transition a law firm website from FindLaw or a similar provider.

1. Have a Website Built & Serviced on an On-Going Basis

Starting at $3,000 for the site, $300 per month

.If you want to get the best possible results from your website, having someone actively working on it is the best approach.  However, you need to make sure they’re….well, actually working on it.  Make sure you know what you’re paying for and that you’re getting it.

To learn more about a full service website with on-going service, click here.

2. Have a Full Service Website Built for You

Starting at $3,000

If you’re not interested in on-going marketing and just want to keep the website you have running as cost-effectively as possible.  Whether you are transferring an old FindLaw site or building a new site, I can take care of the entire thing from top to bottom for you.  Domain transfer or registration, help with getting email records pointed, etc.

Even after the site is built I can make updates when you need them and bill you hourly.

For more information on Full Service Websites to Replace FindLaw, click here.

3. Have a Website Set Up for You, and Build (some of) it Yourself

Starting at $1,250

I will get a wordpress site set up for you in your name with your domain name.  I will even set up the theme so that you have a great design to begin with.  Then, you can add the pages and content over time.  I would strongly advise having a content strategy (or maybe you have content from a previous site) in place.  It’s so easy to say “someday I’ll write that page” and then never do it.

To learn more about having a WordPress site set up for you, click here.

4. Build Your Own Web site

(about $70-$80 a year)

It’s true. You can build your own website. Your success or failure here is obviously going to depend heavily on the time you have to dedicate to this, your ability to learn new things and your general tech-savvy. All that said, it IS possible.

To learn more about building your own website, click here.  

Amount Spent vs. Time Invested

What most of this comes down to is how much time and effort you want to put into the process, and how high quality of a site you need to get out of it. If you really just need people to be able to find your site after entering your name or your firm name into Google, then your Google+ listing is arguably just as important as your website. That said, if you see your site as somewhere that displays your past victories and really gets your potential clients ready to hire you, then you might need to invest more into your site.

The Right Fit For Your Law Firm

If you have questions about what the right type of site is to achieve your marketing goals, feel free to call me at 651.271.8845. Whether you are transferring a website from a company like FindLaw or Lawyers.com, or building a new site, I can walk you through any of the four options and help you understand how they would work given your specific situation. Feel free to email, text or call me with any questions.