Cost Effective

I've Moved 150 Law Firms Off Of FindLaw. Saving them dozens of headaches, thousands of dollars and usually improving their overall position on the web.

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Cost Effective

I've Moved 150 Law Firms Off Of FindLaw. Saving them dozens of headaches, thousands of dollars and usually improving their overall position on the web.

James Eichenberger, law firm web design

James Eichenberger

Owner / Operator

I have been working in legal marketing since 2003 when I started with FindLaw. I created Swell-Sites in 2008 to build effective, affordable websites for law firms.

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Cancel Your FindLaw Website

Or Any Website (Martindale-Hubbell, Scorpion, etc)

Here is a quick run-down of how we transfer your website that you’re paying monthly for into something that you own.

Cancel Your FindLaw Website

…or Better Yet, Don’t Buy one in the First Place

My name is James Eichenberger. I am the owner of Swell-Sites, a small legal marketing company that has helped hundreds of law firms since 2008. I help law firms create and maintain a cost-effective online presence through websites and advertising campaigns.
  • Are you paying too much for a FindLaw website?  I can build you a new site for a fixed cost and ensure that your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google placements stay in place.
  • If you are seeing a bad return on your advertising dollars, I can help you create and track a campaign on Google Ads.
  • If you are a new law firm or just getting started with marketing, I can put together a cost effective plan that we can grow over time with your firm.

Websites should not cost thousands of dollars a month.

I worked for FindLaw from 2003 through 2008. In that time, I learned a lot about what attorneys want in a website. I also realized FindLaw was missing the mark in a lot of ways.  FindLaw builds overpriced websites through a convoluted and difficult build process.   This is followed by a long-term contract with high monthly fees producing bad results… does this sound familiar?  Contact me today –  I can help.

Since 2008, I have helped over 200 law firms move websites from FindLaw.  None have them have seen a significant decrease in Google placement or overall traffic.  This saves thousands of dollars and often makes the website more effective.

Website vs. Marketing

FindLaw does not want you to distinguish between what you’re paying for the actual website and what you’re paying for the marketing of the website.  This is why everything is a package with moving parts.  If you do not understand what the products you have from FindLaw are supposed to be doing, that is something I can help you understand.

The most important thing to understand on Website vs. Marketing is that your website should be a relatively fixed cost, and your marketing is something that should cost you money each month… If you are paying $800 a month for your website, that’s $10,000 a year that should be going into actively marketing your practice (targeted ads, content creation, display advertising), …NOT website hosting.

Hosting a Website Does Not Cost $800 a Month

Isn’t FindLaw optimizing my site to show up organically?

FindLaw does a good job of taking credit for things that Google likely would have done on their own with some basic set-up. Understanding where your website shows up, how you got there and what you need to do to keep that position is important. This is obviously unique to each firm and their marketing goals.

The fact is, most law firm websites have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars a year to gain by cutting FindLaw out and investing money directly into Google, online Directories and other sources of viable traffic.

Search engine rankings are not the result of FindLaw or any other company pulling strings behind the scenes to keep you on the first page. They are the result of the content and coding on your site, and your presence in local directories and other websites. Continuing to pay for these results over and over again is obviously foolish. If you’re actively paying for a website, you should be seeing a result. If your website is just sort of hanging around, that should not cost anything.

How is Swell-Sites different?

My goal is to help lawyers differentiate between a well built website and an active marketing plan. I offer both, and I think most attorneys have at least some need for both, but I do not confuse the two. You will pay a flat fee for your website, and you will own your website outright. You have the option of zero on-going fees, and if needed, you can hire me to work on your site on an hourly basis. I do also offer on-going packages for law firms with more aggressive marketing goals.

Contact Me Today

If you have questions about your website, where your traffic and clients are coming from or how to take ownership of your FindLaw website and stop paying monthly I can help. Call, email or text message me and I can help you understand how I can help you take control of your online marketing dollars, whether that means saving them for yourself, or re-investing them into getting in front of more clients on the web. Call or text me at 651.271.8845 or click here to email me.

Replace Your FindLaw Website

If you currently have your law firm website with FindLaw, you are paying much more, and receiving much less than you should be. It’s time to make sure that you are actively MARKETING a website that you own, not donating money to FindLaw each month.

To talk about what it will take for your law firm to own your site, call or text me at 651-271-8845 or email me Today.

Let's Get Started

I can help you create an effective and affordable web presence that will be profitable for years to come.  Don’t “rent” another website.
Own your website, and then make adjustments to your marketing as you need to.

very easy Process

I have done this over 150 times.  You can rest assured I will get you through this transition process.  You simply give me the passwords I need and I will take care of the rest.

payment plans & financing

I typically charge half up front and half when the site is done.  However, if you need payment optionsI am willing to work with you on something that will fit your budget

changes & updates

You do not need to have a monthly plan to get updates to your site.  You can hire me on an hourly or project basis to keep your website up to date when needed.

Accident & Injury Lawyers

If you are a personal injury lawyer, you have likely already heard every pitch by every slimy salesman ever.

“It only takes ONE case to pay for it ALL!!!”

I cringe whenever I hear these words. First of all, law firms do not exist to break even and make money for the benefit of advertising companies, despite what those advertising companies seem to think. I have been working with injury lawyers since the very early 2000s; I have seen trends come and go. Ultimately, converting injury clients is about showing trustworthiness, expertise and accessibility. 

Position your ads in the right places and say the right things, and you will get good results.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

Some potential clients want to find a criminal defense lawyer in the next 10 minutes, some will wait until 10 minutes before their trial to call. Others will not call at all, but rather you’ll hear from their cousin, sibling, mother or spouse. How can a criminal defense lawyer effectively market to all of these different people?

You can market to all of these different potential clients by speaking clearly and succinctly to how you will benefit your client. You do not need to make big promises or tout your “tough and aggressive” approach. 

 In everything you do on the site, try to demonstrate that you are a cost-effective option that will use your legal expertise in every way possible to minimize or eliminate the effects of the arrest.

Estate Planning Lawyers

Estate planning is typically the highest trafficked area of law. It is also the most difficult to actually convert. Procrastination is a powerful force; no one thinks they’re going to need a will tomorrow. 

Some estate planning lawyers choose to build sales funnels with things like newsletters or downloadable guides. This can be a good approach if done correctly, but it’s a lot of work.

Like a lot of practice areas, looking established and accessible is always an effective approach. If you are willing to take smaller cases and simple wills, talking about price might be a good way to drive engagement.

Divorce & Family Law Attorneys

Maybe more than any other area of law, your personality and approach to practicing should come through in your family law website. People searching for a divorce lawyer are typically pretty emotionally exhausted, so making the process simple and easy makes a lot of sense. I think that being friendly and supportive is a good approach given a lot of people are bringing shame, fear, or a healthy dose of both to their first consultation. 

I understand that giving out free consultations for family law is a nightmare. That said, if you charge for your first consultation, let’s do everything we can to build up the value of that meeting and make people understand that it will be beneficial for their divorce whether they choose to hire you or not.

It’s not enough to say “The consult is $300 – I can’t waste my time”… you need to show the potential client why the consult and the information they will receive is a GREAT VALUE for ONLY $300.