1. I Gave the Site a Logo.

The FindLaw site did not have a logo, only the text of the business name.   Giving the site a logo adds some basic branding that we can potentially build from in the future.  Logo creating in the age of AI is too easy to not have a logo.  

The FindLaw Site's "logo"

Not really a logo so much as just the name of the business.

The Logo I Created

In the context of the site I liked the white version and ended up cutting the “Duluth MN” piece.  

2. I Fixed the SEO

Same basic title tag on every page.  

The FindLaw Site's "SEO"

This is difficult to explain, but look at the white text.  These tags SHOULD be targeting your most important searches.  Instead this looks like an auto-fill situation.  Just a huge wasted opportunity at showing up for key phrases.

I wrote a variety of Title Tags

This site’s SEO seemed particularly careless, even by FindLaw’s standards.  If you know how to check the title tag on a page, I’d suggest you look through your FindLaw website.  Not only title tags, I gave the site some other much needed updates.

New Pages
New Title Tags
New Photos
Years since FindLaw had done anything.

3. I Improved the Design

This particular site was the. lowest effort SEO I have ever seen from Findlaw, and that’s really saying something.  

The Old Design

The old design was fairly flat and  looked like a template.   Want to see them both side by side?  Click here.

The New Design

In the new design I tried to give the reader a reason to “keep going” another interesting header to read, another piece subtly moving.  Trying to keep the site interesting.

4. Wins Page

Just like with a testimonials page, you have to use some basic design elements to help the reader (or in this case, skimmer) know where to look.

The Old Design

While people might open a page like this, they will not stay.  Every page needs to be engaging and visually interesting.

The New Design

These headlines make an animated entrance and then the underline piece is animated as well.  I want people to see the keywords like “acquitted” and “dismissed” even if they are only here for a second or two. 

5. Unique Images

I think that having some sort of visual confirmation that you are moving from page to page i important.  I also think not having a unique image on each page is just straight up lazy.

The Old Design

Every page looks exactly the same.   You can’t tell, but this is rotating 4 different pages.

The New Design

Each page has a unique image confirming the subject of the page.

This is the Header.

This is a brief explaination of what I did differently. 

The Before - The Wrong Way to Do it.

After - I'm Always Right