website service options

Website Service Options for Law Firms

Monthly or One-Time Build Packages Available

For your law firm marketing strategy to be successful and efficient, you must understand the difference between how much your website costs, and how much the advertising to your website costs. If you are paying a flat rate for a “solution package” or any other type of bundled service, you might not be getting what you think you’re getting.

Transactional Websites vs. On-Going Service

To create a website that is the right fit for each firm I work with, I offer two main options of how you can have your site built for you:

No On-Going Monthly Payments – One Time Cost

If you can count on one hand the amount of times you’ve updated your website in the past few years, that’s OK. That said, if your website is just sitting there, there’s no sense in paying on-going fees. I help law firms set up their website set up so that they own it outright and only pay the $100 a year to keep the hosting and domain name set up. I remain available on an hourly basis to make updates to your website should you need updates or changes to the site. My base rate for building a new website starts at $3,000 and includes everything you need to get your site coasting forward.

On-Going Monthly Website Service Packages

If you want to actively drive new clients to your law firm website, I offer on-going monthly packages aimed at increasing your results over time. My aim is to drive new traffic by using a combination of strategies. Depending on your practice area and targeted geography these might include Google Adwords, advertising through Facebook, new content or any number of other general housekeeping pieces like getting directory listings throughout the web pointed to your site or gaining control and getting some basic updates loaded into review sites like Yelp or Avvo.

I work to find the best options for your marketing goals and budget, then put together a plan, typically between $250 and $700 a month, for 6 to 12 months. After the original term, we either continue at the same level, or adjust your monthly spend based on the results we’ve seen and what you want going forward.

Very Basic Projects & WordPress Set-Up

In addition to the options above, I can also help you with smaller website projects. These smaller projects are taken on a limited basis and we need to have clear expectations about what you do and do not receive before we begin. Read about a specific option below to learn more:

Small Law Firm Websites

If you currently have only five or six pages on your website (either a template from FindLaw, a simple YellowPages or Dex site) and want to stop paying I can help you rebuild your site and own it outright, stopping your monthly bills. This can be a very effective strategy for law firms in smaller towns or for firms who have a very high percentage of referral cases. Small websites start as low as $1,750; I will give you a custom quote once we have discussed the project. Contact me for more information.

WordPress Set-Up

WordPress can be a very valuable tool for a law firm who would like to update their own website and work towards improving the SEO over time. However, the initial set up of WordPress is best left to someone with experience. Just getting your basic logo and images into a theme can take a new user several frustrating hours. I’ll help you get through the WordPress theme / design / set-up and in to the part where you’re adding pages and content. This service can start as low as $1,250 depending on how much of the work is left to you. Contact me for more information.

SEO & Website Improvement for an Existing Site

If you already have a website but would like to talk about how you can drive more traffic to the site, I may be able to help you. Contact me and we can discuss what is and is not working with your current site. We can make a plan to drive new traffic, either organically or through Google Adwords and a variety of directory placements. We can also work on setting up remarketing through Google, which is helpful to any website and marketing plan. Contact me for more information.