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As soon as a potential client finds your site, they should see a design that reflects your position in the market.

Your content needs to help people find your website as well as encourage them to move forward and contact you.

Being found on the search engine is important. So is understanding what factors are contributing to your visibility.

offsite factors to replacing your findlaw website

There are several factors not on your website that also need to be addressed to ensure the best results.

Longwood, FL Injury Lawyer

James Eichenberger, Owner & Operator

I have been working in online legal marketing since 2003 when I started with FindLaw. I left FindLaw and created Swell-Sites in 2008 and have been focused on building effective, affordable websites for attorneys and law firms ever since.


I have helped several law firms take ownership of their website and replace their FindLaw package. Not only do my clients save thousands of dollars a year, but most of them have actually improved their overall results.

Online Marketing for Lawyers & Law Firms

I work with clients on developing, improving and advancing all levels of law firm websites.

Websites should not cost thousands of dollars a month.

My name is James Eichenberger; I have been working in online legal marketing since 2003. I held several positions through all levels of Account Management and Sales for FindLaw from 2003 through 2008. In that time, I learned a lot about what attorneys want in a website. Unfortunately what FindLaw was offering (and what's available through most legal marketing companies) was exactly the opposite of what most lawyers wanted in a website: Long-term contracts, high monthly fees and no clear idea of how any of this is supposed to work.

Website vs. Marketing

FindLaw, like, Scorpion and the majority of companies who cater to the legal industry want you to sign a two or three year contract and pay them every month to keep your site up. They also claim to have a strategy to drive qualified traffic and potential clients to your site, but it's usually hard to distinguish between what you're paying for the actual website and what you're paying for the marketing of the website. This is a real problem, because a website should be a fixed cost, while marketing the site is an on-going cost. When your law firm website provider rolls the marketing and the website together, you can end up with a very expensive website, and an ineffective marketing strategy.

Isn't FindLaw optimizing my site to show up organically?

Well, yes and no. Organic SEO companies do a really good job of taking credit for things that Google likely would have done on their own. Understanding where your website shows up, how you got there and what you need to do to keep that position is important. This is obviously unique to each firm and their marketing goals. The fact is, most law firm websites have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain by cutting the big marketing companies out of the picture and investing money directly into Google, online Directories and other sources of viable traffic.

Search engine rankings are not the result of FindLaw or any other company pulling strings behind the scenes to keep you on the first page. They are the result of the content and coding on your site, and your presence in local directories and other websites. Continuing to pay for these results over and over again is obviously foolish.  If you're actively paying for a website, you should be seeing a result.  If your website is just sort of hanging around, that should not cost anything.

To learn more about canceling your FindLaw website, click here.

How is Swell-Sites different?

My goal is to help lawyers differentiate between a well built website and an active marketing plan. I offer both, and I think most attorneys have at least some need for both, but I do not confuse the two. You will pay a flat fee for your website, and you will own your website outright. You have the option of zero on-going fees, and if needed, you can hire me to work on your site on an hourly basis. I do also offer on-going packages for law firms with more aggressive marketing goals.

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If you have questions about your website, where your traffic and clients are coming from or how to take ownership of your FindLaw website and stop paying monthly I can help. Call, email or text message me and I can help you understand how I can help you take control of your online marketing dollars, whether that means saving them for yourself, or re-investing them into getting in front of more clients on the web. Call or text me at 651.271.8845 or click here to email me.

Replace Your FindLaw Website

If you currently have your law firm website with FindLaw, you're probably paying much more, and receiving much less than you should be. I have worked with several former, FindLaw and Scorpion Design clients to help them improve their online presence while cutting costs dramatically. To talk about what it will take for your law firm to own your site, call or text me at 651-271-8845 or email me today.