the illusion of success

If you are paying for an expensive monthly service like FindLaw to market your law firm, dropping that service can feel like a risky move. No law firm wants to see the results from their website decrease. However, it’s important to understand that the traffic that comes to your website from Google is not dependent on your relationship with FIndLaw.

Determining how your FindLaw website is performing

The key to making a good decision for your law firm is understanding where your traffic is coming from, and I can help you with that. There are some firms that see good results from the FindLaw directory. However, if you are paying for a website package or SEO from FindLaw, you could very likely save money and see as good, if not better results by taking ownership over your website.

What happens after you cancel FindLaw?

The “Illusion of Success” is something that I see from time to time when talking to people who are thinking of moving their site. They are seeing average or even good results from their FindLaw website, but not enough to justify the high monthly cost. The “illusion” part is believing that FindLaw is affecting or somehow contributing to your traffic from Google. I encourage law firms to determine how much of their traffic is actually coming through FindLaw. Beyond that, I also want law firms to pay attention to how much traffic comes from searches that are either the name of the law firm, or names of individual attorneys at the firm.

One Size or Solution does NOT fit all

Obviously there are different marketing plans for different types of firms. I know that if you do social security work, DWI or workers’ compensation you need to find a way to direct new leads to your firm through the web. However, in areas of law that are more referral based (divorce, complex injury cases, estate planning) there is a good chance that your website is only serving to confirm who you are to someone who already received your name. The leads that are generated from your referral base and the good name you’ve built for your business is NOT something that you should be paying FindLaw thousands of dollars a year for.

Reviewing your traffic reports

If you need help reviewing traffic reports or understanding what your potential clients see when they search for you on Google, feel free to call or email me a link to your law firm website. I am also always happy to talk to you about what to expect in terms of traffic and overall results after you cancel your FindLaw website.

So What Can I Do?

I can help preserve the good parts of your website that are effective (the content and some of the SEO coding), but help you leave the lease arrangement and the monthly payments behind. Taking ownership of your website helps you stop bleeding out money to keep the site up and running. Your website, if re-built correctly, is going to be just as effective without paying for it over and over. If you want to talk about how we can re-invest that budget into the site, I can help you understand how Adwords, Facebook or other online advertising might fit your marketing goals.

Stop Wasting Money with FindLaw and Take Ownership of your website today

Call email or text. me today to talk about your site, and how we can transition you into a more effective and affordable solution.